巴斯克-ing in Northern Nevada 遗产

在美国西部,去巴斯克酒吧喝点小酒或去巴斯克餐馆吃饭,对于那些对“巴斯克”毫不了解的人来说,是一种令人生畏的英国正版365中文. 巴斯克人(明显 沐浴)是一个充满活力和活力的人,他们来自一个面积相当于拉斯维加斯克拉克县的地区,位于西班牙和法国之间的北部边境. 巴斯克地区的地形从沿海潮湿的气候到以葡萄酒季节而闻名的干旱的南部地区. 在20世纪30年代中期弗朗索瓦革命期间,许多移民从西班牙地区逃到了美国, and settled throughout the American West – mainly throughout California, southern Oregon and Idaho, 和内华达州北部.

巴斯克 Sheepherding in Nevada
Traditional 巴斯克 Sheep Camp

The men worked mostly as sheepherders, each responsible for moving 1,000 or 更多的 sheep throughout terrain void of barbwire fences across the West. They earned a monthly wage being paid with sheep, or money. 这些妇女扮演着不同的角色,从主要在巴斯克人的寄宿公寓工作, ,女裁缝, 或者厨师. 最重要的是, the women were mothers 也, balancing working and home life at impressive lengths. 

巴斯克人带来的文化是在复制旧国家留下的文化, which is often as 商业arre as the last names these people carried. The 巴斯克 card game, “Mus”, was feverishly played by various teams in the boarding houses. Consisting of teams of two pitted against each other, 这个游戏喜欢作弊,并且能够通过使用不同的手告诉你的搭档你持有的牌, 眼睛, 脚, 牙齿, 露齿而笑, and smoke signals without talking. Another game played by these men is “Pelota,” which is a handball game played with a comically hard ball that doesn’t seem to bounce, and leaves the hand of all who participate sore and swollen.

The most famous game brought over is “Jai Alai,它将一个突出的编织篮子绑在运动员的手上,让他们以每小时140英里的速度向混凝土或石墙投掷皮球. 他们的目标是把球扔出去,然后让它从墙上弹回来,认为对方抓不到球,然后把球扔回同一面墙. This game became well known, and extremely popular in the U.S. 在1980年代. 里诺 even had a Jai Alai court inside the MGM Grand (now the 宏伟的山脉度假胜地 & 赌场) from 1978-1980 to embrace the game’s popularity. The sport is incredibly dangerous, but a blast to watch. 

Aside from traditional 巴斯克 games that were introduced to the American culture, the 巴斯克s took gr吃 comfort in communal-style living in 巴斯克 boardinghouses. 这些人经常在内华达州的300多座山脉中度过数月,悉心照料他们的牛群. 最终, they’d come back to the nearest town to restock on supplies if needed, 晚上好好休息, get some face time with friends and family, 当然, a hearty meal rooted from culinary traditions of their homeland.

通常, these boardinghouses had a bar, and served family-style meals the men shared together on the bottom floor, and housed a hotel in the top floor. While 巴斯克 culture can be experienced in certain 的地方 throughout the American West, 在这些依然存在的寄宿公寓中,你可以最真实地体验到仍在内华达州的巴斯克文化. 有些人,像 这颗恒星 in 埃尔, still offer present day 巴斯克 sheepherders a night’s stay in their existing hotel, 但在内华达州,许多餐馆仍然专注于提供正宗的特定烹饪传统.

To study up on the Picon穿孔, Nevada’s unofficial state drink, 点击这里.

Having all these values adopted by the American people made us happy; we were proud to share these customs, and see them embraced in our new land. our language is obscure, our food is over the top, and the Picon穿孔 is always the drink of the day, but I urge you to go to these 的地方 to listen, 吃, drink and laugh with these people. The best way to experience the 巴斯克 culture, is through a 巴斯克 meal in Nevada. 在这里, I hope you’ll find our language poetic, and see that the food is cooked with unwavering passion. Our attention to the quality of the ingredients is refreshing, and the drinks we prepare will make it easier to loosen up and be yourself.

在这里 are some things I’ve come up with so you can truly 吃 and drink 巴斯克 in Nevada…

奥吉熟食酒吧 & Pintxos

2017年开业 埃尔奥吉熟食吧 & Pinxtos is a perfect blend of new style and old recipes.

奥吉熟食酒吧 & Pinxtos

The bread is baked in-house, 他们的三明治包含了许多不同层次的下沉,巴斯克人依赖于山区和沙漠中的羊营地和家园. Sandwiches made of 西班牙辣香肠, Solomo, 安达卢, 巴斯克辣椒, 羊肉, Tri-tip, chicken and even vegetarian sandwich options are served at 奥吉熟食酒吧 & Pinxtos 每天. 还有自制的汤,沙拉,卷,当然还有可以购买的自制面包.

Steak Sandwich at 奥吉熟食酒吧 & Pinxtos

在这里, you’ll always find good conversation, and small tables that invite your presence. Intimate staff and honest prices, the deli is open from 8:00 a.m. 通过三点p.m. 一周大部分时间. During the evening, the building re opens at 4:30 p.m. and caters a Tapas bar (or Pintxos — pronounced PEEN-CHO -用巴斯克语.)

Ogi’s serves all types of draft and bottled 啤酒, and imported 巴斯克 cider, which is ritualistically poured high, frothing into the glass and tastes dry and crisp. Drank in small servings at a time, 巴斯克 cider is something I’d recommend for a gr吃 start or end of a night. +, it pairs beautifully with any item served at the Pintxo bar. Another old country favorite is Patxeran (pronounced PAW-CHUR-AN,) which is a sloe berry liquor, and is served at 奥吉熟食店 & 酒吧 也. 奥吉的, sit and talk with the locals, and if a game of Mur is going be sure to try your hand at a game… 或三个.

架杆 & 烧烤

Nestled in the narrow canyons surrounding the quiet community of 伊利, a burger of legendary existence resides. 西班牙香肠汉堡 架杆 & 烧烤 is the pinnacle of 巴斯克-American fusion. The town of 伊利 is known for its vast wilderness areas and major copper mining workings, and also used to be a major sheepherding range for 巴斯克s. The burger, called Javier & 胡里奥的巴斯克香肠汉堡——放在热椒盐卷饼上,上面撒上烤红辣椒和辣味墨西哥辣椒蛋黄酱, will have you yearning for another the minute you sink your 牙齿 into it.

Aside from this legendary burger, 架杆 & 烧烤 is found in the middle of 伊利市中心的场景 and boasts some of the best food in the state. Serving wings, salads, wraps and a range of burgers, the food is always satisfying. People from all around the area funnel into this awesome bar, and the evening ambience is amazing, which often extends their regular business hours of 11:00 a.m. 9点p.m. 更久的夜晚. 在这里, everyone seems to know everyone, and before you know it you’ll be buying rounds like a local with their coveted, in-house wooden drink tokens.



有两件事可以使巴斯克酒吧突然从大声的谈话和笑声转变为令人瘫痪的沉默. One of which being a song from an old “Bersolari” sung to the congregation. The other is a round of perfectly sautéed 甜面包 from 路易斯·巴斯克角落 在市中心 里诺.

现在,你吃的既不是甜的,也不是面包,而是一头牛的胸腺. 但, 请不要让它阻止你点这些美味的小点心,几十年来,它们一直是巴斯克人的主食. If you’d rather imagine these tasty tr吃s are special 巴斯克 chicken nuggets, 那么无论如何, 做你该做的. Just don’t shy away from this delicious, traditionally prepared dish.

Sweetbreads are paired best with another classic 巴斯克 drink – the Kalimotxo (pronounced CALI-MOE-CHO.) The cocktail is a refreshing mix of cheap red wine and Coca-Cola, and is perhaps best described as the poor man’s sangria, but unsuspectingly addictive. Though Louis’ 巴斯克 Corner has been a 里诺 staple for over 50 years, 过去几年,餐厅和楼上的酒吧在新主人的领导下进行了漂亮的装修.


在雷诺Aces主场比赛的欢乐时光里,你可以找到打折的Picon 's,一杯只要4美元.

J.T. 巴斯克酒吧 & 餐厅

美元钞票 & Basco-signed hats line the ceiling and walls of J.T. 巴斯克 在市中心 车主

巴斯克 gastronomy was a food born of necessity. Old recipes were simple dishes with few ingredients. 例如, they salted cod to keep from spoiling, while out at sea for months at a time, 而汤和台阶则是用切下来的肉(比如牛舌和牛尾)和豆子做成的.

J.T. 巴斯克公寓
酒吧 & J餐厅.T. 巴斯克

As a descendent of 巴斯克 heritage, the grill at J.T.’s is where we go to 吃 the food our souls crave. 丰盛的牛尾汤, 猪脚, 牛肚, and 羊肉 chops are unbelievable because they’re so reminiscent of the old country, and the Picons are poured strong. For over half a century, this 巴斯克 icon in 车主 has been perfecting the family style dining experience, so feel free to bring as many people as you can to impress. 


Every family-style 巴斯克 dinner usually comes with your choice of cheese, 冰淇淋, 有时甚至是馅饼. Put a little red table wine on top of your vanilla 冰淇淋 during desert – 你会很高兴你这么做的.
工艺酒 & 啤酒

工艺酒 & 啤酒

Unlike others included in this lineup, 这不是你家乡的潜水酒吧,那里的历史可以通过风化的地板来衡量. 而不是, this is the place to find history residing within the plethora of bottles of wine, 啤酒, 和精神. 工艺酒 & 啤酒, located on the corner of Martin Street and South Virginia Street, has emerged as a local staple in the up and coming 中城雷诺. 老板, Ty, is always rotating boxes of wine from all parts of the world, right smack dab in the middle of the room, and his knowledge of vintages and grapes is unrivaled.

Craft’s assortment of craft 啤酒 is admirable, and also boasts an amazing selection of scotch and whiskey. But, today we’re coming here with determination: to pick a bottle of Txakoli (pronounced CHAW-KO-LI,) or a bottle of 巴斯克 cider. 

Located in the walk-in cooler in the back corner of the store, visitors will find an assortment of different ciders and Txakoli from all regions. 现在, these bottles are priced incredibly reasonably, and have less alcohol than regular wine, so a few bottles are recommended. 店内有长凳和桌子(以及一个小的酒吧区,每周可以选择葡萄酒和生啤酒),] so you can stop by for a meeting with friends on the spot. +, they have an annual Txakoli festival (typically held annually in May,) you can’t be sure to miss. 


The green roof and white walls you’ll find at 马丁酒店 in Winnemucca has been a preface of the 巴斯克 culture in Winnemucca since 1898, and shows no sign of slowing down. Serving traditional 巴斯克 foods like cod, 西班牙辣香肠, 甜面包, 豆子, and bread pudding in such a unique setting makes the meal exceptional, 总是.

原来的压锡天花板和马钩柱在前面提供了过去的一瞥. 嘿, 去马丁酒吧这样的正宗酒吧,甚至可以说服你多待一段时间,自己找份牧羊的工作.


A place that has been around 更多的 than a hundred years needs no introduction. And perhaps most impressively, the dining room at 的星级酒店 has remained unchanged all that time, making it one of Nevada’s most iconic restaurants period, 是不是巴斯克菜.

的星级酒店 巴斯克 Boardinghouse

人们坐在同一张长桌前吃晚饭,就像在镜子里看到牧羊人,他们过去常常坐在同一个房间里一起吃饭. 牧羊人过去常常为了不同的事情来镇上一次,有些是为了放松, 一些公司, and others for retirement. 所有人最终都会因为某种原因来到镇上,最终来到《英国正版365中文官网》.


在当今时代, 精心挑选的牛排和Picons一做好就飞进了餐厅, so definitely make sure you’ve got a reservation if its dinner you’re after in 埃尔. Or, don’t, and belly up to the bar for a few drinks. Between good conversation with the old Bascos posted up at the end of the bar, and a few stiff drinks from 恒星的 owner Scotty himself, you’ll feel like a border in no time.

Ongi Etorri!


在内华达的巴斯克寄宿公寓里吃饭无疑是接触这种可爱文化的最好方式. 但是,为了更深入地了解这个迷人的传统,把这些日期锁定在你的日历上.


Self-proclaimed “King of Nevada” and old soul, Wade was born and raised in the high sage valleys that border the Ruby山 内华达州东北部. 手握飞杆软木塞或紧握双筒猎枪探索这个州是他的爱好之一, 但首先, 他是巴斯克. 在一个如此强大的巴斯克社区长大,使他在一个新的国家与这些牧民覆盖的土地建立了特殊的联系, 以及从美国最好的州的泉水和溪流中慢慢传来的故事.

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